We are hiring Immediate Requirement of P.T.I interested candidate send their resume at spring9816445566@gmail.com.  Story, Art &Craft, Van Mahotsav Activities were conducted for classes Nursery to 12th on Saturday, 1st July 2023. This was a fun art activity where children explored the use of various colours to print natural objects and tree plantations..  #We are Hiring Biology Teacher & Music Teacher interested candidate send their resume spring9816445566@gmail.com Handsome salary will be offer. candidate must have Experience CBSE School.  RECRUITMENT FOR SCHOOL NURSE. 

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    Declaration by the applicant and guardian

    • I hereby declare that the above information is comet to beet of my knowledge. If any entry is found to be Incorrect on. my admission is liable to be cancelled.
    • I hold myself responsible for payments of fees and other dues on the dates according to the schedule of the institution.

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